Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Juneathon Day 4: Staying out for the summer

Well if the weather carries on like this....

Evening run for me today at about 9pm, it was just the way the day went. 5 miles fartlekky style on undulating-ish route - first half mostly uphill, second half mostly down. I say fartlekky but the fast bits weren't particularly fast. Listened to the latest parkrun show (always fun). I do love my parkrun but not as much as some of the people on the parkrun show love theirs. (And I am a person who has not only a 50 shirt but is also the proud temporary owner of the female points trophy - the only running-related trophy I'm ever likely to win.)

5.2 miles in 52 minutes anyway - 6 days into a streak which started on 30th May, and feeling pretty good so far.

Juneathon miles so far: 24.4.

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  1. *scribbles down "fartlekky" and vows to use it in a blog someday soon*